Cheers! Guest Toasts That Aren’t Awkward

Have you ever been to a bachelorette party, bridal shower, baby shower, birthday, New Years Eve party, Thanksgiving dinner (insert any event where people gather and drink here) where guests are invited to toast and it gets awkward, fast? Maybe everyone becomes extremely fascinated with staring at their plate, or it quickly becomes apparent that old Aunt Mildred has had too much to drink, or – my personal go to – the room suddenly goes Bikram Yoga warm on you because you have absolutely no idea what you want to say.

God, please make this end

Good news – it doesn’t have to be that way. Here’s a simple way to make toasting inclusive, fun and easy!

How, you ask? Simple:



Here’s how:

1. Beseech the internet gods

Before the party, use the internets to find some short toasts. Have fun with it! Obviously, know your crowd. Don’t be inaprops unless it’s the right group. But if “May the force be with you” makes it into the mix, you can’t go wrong.

2. Print and cut (and maybe get fancy-schmancy)

Print your toasts out and cut them into slips. If the mood strikes you, get cute. Decorate your slips anyway you please.


3. Choose a delivery method

Pass them out by putting them in a hat or a bowl. Put them under everyone’s plate or tape it under their chair. Make them part of a centerpiece. Keep it simple but let your imagination run wild!



When it’s time, have everyone take out their toast and read it. Everyone just got to participate with any of the drama. Done and done. You’re the hostess with the mostess! Go you!

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