Adulting In The Kitchen: Two Ingredient Pumpkin Cake

I feel as though there has now been significant build up for this pumpkin cake. And yet, I am still confident that you will agree with me that this is a dessert tasty enough to make you a star baker on The Great British Baking Show and stupidly simple enough that even us struggling with adulting can pull it off with ease.

Because it’s so simple and quick, this is a great recipe to use throughout the fall season to get your pumpkin on. I love bringing this treat to gatherings – it is always one of the first to disappear. And it’s also significantly lower on the guilt-o-meter because it doesn’t have any heavy ingredients like cream or butter.


Two Ingredient Pumpkin Cake

Hold onto your hats. You’re going to need…two ingredients.

  1. 1 Box of Spice Cake Mix
  2. 1 15oz can of pumpkin

To keep things light and airy, I like to use Lite Cool Whip for the topping but you can have no topping or go with something else.


Review the directions on your cake mix box and pre-heat your oven accordingly. It’s usually 350°F for metal or glass pans, 325°F for dark or coated pans.

SAM_1590 final

Pour the cake mix and the can of pumpkin into the bowl .

SAM_1592 final

Stir until it is completely mixed. If you’re like me, this is where half the dessert goes missing because without raw eggs in there, this batter is completely safe to eat and so ding-dang good.

SAM_1593 final

Grease your pan on all sides and pour your batter in.

Because you don’t have the extra ingredients for a typical cake, you should use a smaller baking pan than called for. I like the 11×7 brownie pan for this recipe (lest you think I’m secretly a baking ringer, the brownie pan came with Mr. Juris Doctor and I only knew it was called a brownie pan because I googled it just now). You could also make it into cupcakes or split it into two loafs.


Again, follow the instructions from your cake mix for cook time as it will depend on your baking pan. For this one, it took about 20 minutes. You’ll know it’s done because of Ye Olde Knife Test. If it comes out clean, you’re good to go (sounds like a bad advertising campaign for STD testing)!

Here’s a tip: don’t forget to turn off your oven. I always do and then I think I’m going through early menopause and having hot flashes.

IMG_3521 final

Now it’s up to you if you want to go further and frost it. You honestly can’t go wrong with Cool Whip (I go lite because…yay chemicals!). It looks like frosting but it keeps the lightness of the cake. Just make sure you wait until it’s completely cool or your frosting will melt into pools of milky water that look like the eyes of those sad old blind dogs. 

IMG_3524 final

If you want you can go super crazy and find ancient decorating gel in the back of your kitchen cabinets and try to get artsy.


Then, just try not to eat it all at once


Two Ingredient Pumpkin Cake

Prep Time: 5 minutes

1 Box Spice Cake Mix
1 15oz Can of Pumpkin
Optional: Lite Cool Whip or other preferred frosting

Preheat oven as directed by cake mix box. Plan to use a smaller dish than suggested. I like the 11×7 brownie dish.

Mix spice cake mix and can of pumpkin in bowl.

Grease all sides of your baking dish and pour batter in.

Bake using the directions on the cake mix box (usually around 20~ minutes). Use the knife test – if it’s clean you’re good to go! (Also a good rule for STD results)

Wait until the cake is COMPLETELY cool. While you’re waiting, why not turn off your oven and clean your dishes? Then, when it’s ready, add your frosting of choice.

Nice job, you adult.

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