Easy Adulting Tip: Wallet Sanity

Buongiorno Adulters!

(That sounds good in my head but in writing it just looks like adulterers)

Is this you?

Sales Clerk: Do you have your dumb loyalty punch card? We should have made it mobile a decade ago but we haven’t. But aren’t you one punch away from getting all the free things?




Or, how about this?

Sales Clerk: Do you have a store credit card with us? You get one quintillion points if you use it today.



Or, how about this?

You: OMG my wallet was stolen and now EVER SINGLE CARD I OWN IS GONE.


I know. Me too.

Someday we’ll have all our punch cards and credit cards implanted into our brain. But until then, I have a suggested wallet tip for you.

Split your cards up

It recently occurred to me that that I basically have three categories of cards:

  1. Daily use cards: credit card, drivers license, public transit card
  2. Occasional use cards: store credit cards, library card, AAA card, work ID
  3. Loyalty cards

So I separated them.

I put my daily use cards in my wallet.

Then I grabbed two little card-ish sized bags that I had stashed in a drawer because, dammit, they were too cute to throw away (see! Hoarding does pay off) and I put the occasional use cards in one and loyalty cards in the other.


I don’t want to say it changed my life, but, it kind of changed my life. Here’s why:

  1. When I need a card, I know exactly where to go.
  2. Instead of wading through dozens of cards, I have just have to navigate a few.
  3. My stress levels are significantly reduced because I know if my wallet is stolen, those dum-dums won’t get everything.

Your card distribution may look different. You may only need two holders instead of three. Or maybe four holders.

If you’re not a cute bag hoarder like me I,

a) recommend you pick up the habit and

b) know for a fact you can find them quickly and for very little money. I just searched Amazon for “cute card holders” and nearly lost my mind at the adorable things available like this.


When you sit down to do this, there’s one more piece of significant wallet sanity that I want to suggest.

Take. A. Picture. Of. Every. Card. In. Your. Wallet.

I mean the cards you’re going to need to replace if they should go missing. All you do is lay them out on a table all together and snap a photo.

That’s it.

This will offer you two amazing gifts –

  1. If your wallet is ever stolen, you can tell the police exactly what is missing.
  2. When it’s time to start replacing them, you’ll have all the information you need in one beautiful photo.

Now, I hear you. Right now you’re going –

OMG this will take forever

Listen, this is part of the easy adulting series because it’s EASY. Five minutes. That’s how long this should take you.

You will spend far more time bragging to all your girlfriends about how adult you are because you have organized your cards and kept a record of them for your safety.

Go organize, you adult.


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