Let’s Talk About: Skin Care

Let’s Talk About: Skin Care

Wheee! Our first guest post, brought to you by reader Zia who wanted to share her adulting tips on skin care. As you will see, she’s a fabulous writer. So…hopefully you’ll see more from her soon. Do you want to write a guest post? Just drop me a line!

Think back to the eons ago when you first started something of a skin care regimen. How did you decide what products to use?

For me, it was a Noxzema commercial. Remember Noxzema? (Surprisingly still a thing). I saw those older girls with their gorgeous complexions cruising in convertibles and being cool and talking to boys with confidence. Sold.

Apparently in the…decade that shall not be named, my face BELONGED to Noxzema…

I probably read somewhere that cleanser wasn’t enough to really clean skin and you had to follow up with an astringent. So, I started using Sea Breeze.

 Noxzema and Sea Breeze. Lawd have mercy I am dating myself.

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Adulting Fashion: Blue Hair, Do Care

Adulting Fashion: Blue Hair, Do Care

In Al-Anon there’s this common phrase: “Adult child of an alcoholic.”

(Waaaait a minute, you’re saying, what does this have to do with fashion or hair? I’ll get us there, I promise).

It just means that you are an adult who had an alcoholic family member in your childhood.

But, for years, in my brain I heard it as “Adult-Child of an alcoholic.” As in, we were adults as children because there was an alcoholic in our life. We were little adult children.

I laughed out loud the day I realized I had been mis-translating it all those years.

But had I been mistranslating? Maybe in the literal sense, yes. But that word “adult child” was a phrase I needed to add to my vocabulary.

had been an adult-child.

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