Easy Adulting Tip: Take A Picture, It Really Does Last Longer

Easy Adulting Tip: Take A Picture, It Really Does Last Longer

The other day, I was going through some of my files and I realized I had pay stubs from over a decade ago. I flipped through them thinking why the bleep did I keep these?

But then, as I continued to look at them, I felt a flutter in my chest that reminded me why. They were paystubs from my first real, adult job. Those stubs reminded me of my independence, my strength, my naivete, my beginning.

It was as if those stupid stubs were looking up at me like:

giphy (4).gif

and saying “No, don’t throw us away. We’re an important piece of your history!”

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Easy Adulting Tip: Make Your Bed

Easy Adulting Tip: Make Your Bed

I don’t mean to sound like your Mom. So bear with me here.

I’ve spent most of my life waiting for the “cleaning” gene to kick in. I figured it was just part of nature. You know – boobs, period, an innate sense of order and cleanliness. But the only cleaning skill that came naturally to me was shoving everything under my bed. I’m wizard level good at that.


But a few months ago, I decided I was going to make my bed every morning. I actually think it’s been one of the best adulting things I’ve started to do and here’s why:

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Drill, baby, drill!

Drill, baby, drill!

Not for oil (God, no).

For the freedom, the independence, the orgasmic delight that comes from a power drill.

That’s right. A power drill.

I firmly believe that every single woman should own and be able to operate a power drill. If I could (maybe I can?), I would start a non-profit to give out power drills to women and lessons on how to use them.

Allow me to explain.

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